Have you ever encountered a profile while scrolling your DMs with “Instagram user” written in their name and no profile picture?

It’s a common thing that we have encountered at least once in our lives.

But the question that comes up is: What does Instagram user mean?

And why the profiles do not have any profile pictures?

Are they aliens?

Don’t worry. We’ve got answers to all your queries.

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss what does Instagram user mean, why you’re seeing those in your DMs, and whether they really are an alien.

Let’s dive right in.

What Does Instagram User Mean?

First of all, Instagram users are not alien.

Generally, everyone who uses Instagram and registers an account on the platform is called an “Instagram user.”

But when you see “Instagram user” written in anyone’s name with no profile picture and no posts on their profile, it’s for a different reason.

What does Instagram user mean

The “Instagram user” you’re seeing right now initially was an active profile (maybe one of your friends or family members), but they are no longer available on the platform, and Instagram has removed all their data from the server.

When you see “Instagram user” instead of the actual user’s name, it could be due to four main reasons. Let’s have a look at each of those one by one.

The User Might Have Blocked You

When a user blocks you on Instagram, you won’t be able to send them a message and watch their content. They’ll be completely cut off until they unblock you once again.

When you’ve been blocked by someone for quite some time now, but you had earlier exchanged messages on the platform, their profile might show “Instagram User” in your DM section instead of their actual name.

The User Might Have Deactivated Their Profile

If you’re bored of using Instagram or want a much-needed break from this unrealistic social media world, Instagram gives you the option to deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

When a user deactivates, Instagram hides the profile from the rest of the users.

You can’t search for the deactivated Instagram profile, but if you have exchanged messages with them before, their profile will still be available in your DM section.

However, instead of their actual name, it will just show “Instagram user.”

The User Might Have Deleted Their Profile

When you delete an account, you can never get it back again.

On the flip side, when you deactivate an account, you can again reactivate it anytime you want.

But both these things have a similar outcome – the account vanishes from the platform.

And when the account vanishes, Instagram usually puts “Instagram user” in the place of their original name.

Instagram Might Have banned the Account

Instagram has some strict policies that every user has to follow no matter what.

If anyone fails to follow the guidelines and does something that goes against them, Instagram punishes those accounts by banning them from the platform.

And as usual, when an account gets banned, their profile data gets erased, and the profile shows “Instagram user” instead of their name.

How to Know If The Other Person Has Blocked You?

There are no rule books that show how to know if the other person has blocked you on Instagram or any other platform.

But you can definitely guess it.

If you’re unable to search for the person and their profile shows “Instagram user” with no profile picture in your DM section, that might indicate you’re blocked.

If you have any mutual friends, you can also ask them if their profile is active and visible to them to double-check.

Why Does it Say Instagram User, But I Can See Their Profile Picture?

If a profile shows “Instagram User” instead of their name, but you can see their profile picture, it indicates they have either recently blocked you or deactivated/deleted their profile.

Instagram takes some time to process and delete the data.

Until then, the picture might stay visible to you.

Final Words on What Does Instagram User Mean

To warp it up, if you notice an “Instagram User” name while sliding into your DM, it indicates the user has either deleted or deactivated their account or blocked you on the platform.

Unfortunately, it’s also quite challenging to identify the actual owner of the profile if you don’t recall the texts you have shared.

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